SPRING FAIR Sat. May 5th 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Join us on Saturday May 5th for another day filled with food, fun, games and the joy of supporting our school efforts to enhance the learning experience of all our students!


And be sure to bring:

  • bags to take goodies home in
  • $ for tickets:  2 tickets for $1
  • cash or cheque for silent auction purchases
  • water bottles/travel mugs

Silent Auction

Our amazing Silent Auction with great item such as family fun gift certificates for bowling, whitewater rafting, and local museums; restaurant gift certificates for Gabriel’s Pizza, Smoque Shack, Bella Vista, the Standard and more; and beer and wine baskets.

There will be a bouncy castle,


An fun obstacle course!

Obstacle Course Race

Obstacle Course Race

Available by popular demand. Over 50 feet of bouncing, sliding, wriggling fun. Kids wend their way through an inflated ‘forest’, crawl over, under or through a log pile, and finally slide their way to the finish line. Fully licensed, certified, insured and always supervised by trained Circus Delights staff members. Our most popular new attraction. Ready, Set… GO!

and of course our FAVES…..

The Photo Booth by Photobox:… here are our AMAZING SPRING FAIR COMMITEE!!

The beautiful and plentiful CLASS BASKETS

Class Baskets_editedWM-1

Cake and cupcake walks;

Cake Walk 3_editedWM-1Cake Walk 5_editedWM-1Cupcake Walk 3_editedWM-1

Bake Sale

Plant Sale

Book and White Elephant sales;

Sale Browser8_editedWM-1book sale_editedWM-1White Elephant Table_editedWM-1

Face painting

   Face painting 2_editedWM-1Face painting 3_editedWM-1Face painting 5_editedWM-1Face painting 4_editedWM-1 Face painting 8_editedWM-1

 Face painting 7_editedWM-1 

Hair and Nail Salon

Hair 4_editedWM-1Hair 3_editedWM-1 Hair 1_editedWM-1 Hair 6_editedWM-1Nails 2_editedWM-1

The popular  toonie toss!

Food wise:  There will be a BBQ catered by Hometown and pizza for sale, as well as cotton candy, popcorn, and more.


Fish Game 7_editedWM-1 Jelly Bean 3_editedWM-1

AND special guests:


Pedalheads Logo




Peddleheads 4_editedWM-1 Peddleheads 2_editedWM-1 Peddleheads 1_editedWM-1 Family Pic 2_editedWM-1

Mini KICKS!  http://www.minikicks.ca  

Obstacle Crse 8_editedWM-1Obstacle Crse 7_editedWM-1

Obstacle Crse 5_editedWM-1 Obstacle Crse 4_editedWM-1


FireF 1_editedWM-1 FireF 3_editedWM-1 FireF 2_editedWM-1 

This event is our biggest of the year, and also provides a fundraising opportunity to help provide the school with needed learning enhancements such as technology, library and levelled reader books, and athletic equipment.

Please come and celebrate with us. We look forward to seeing you between 10-2 Sat. May 5th.

And be sure to bring:

  • bags to take goodies home in
  • $ for tickets:  2 tickets for $1
  • cash or cheque for silent auction purchases
  • water bottles/travel mugs

Spring Fair Planning Comittee and School Council

Look at all the fun we had in previous  Spring Fairs.

All these pictures were generously taken by our volunteer photographer,

Concetta Minnella.  Thank you, Concetta!

The Gym 1_editedWM-1 Family Pic 4_editedWM-1   Friends Pic 2_editedWM-1 Mini Fun Zone 4_editedWM-1 Mini Fun Zone 5_editedWM-1 Friend Pic_editedWM-1 Penny Auction7_editedWM-1 Food Stand_editedWM-1 Family Pic 3_editedWM-1Spring Fair Sign 2_editedWM-1 Spring Fair Sign 1_editedWM-1 Bouncy Castle 5_editedWM-1 Bouncy castle 4_editedWM-1 TH Cruiser 3_editedWM-1 Mini Fun Zone 3_editedWM-1 Mini Fun Zone 2_editedWM-1 Mini Fun Zone 1_editedWM-1 kids & popcorn_editedWM-1 Cupcake Walk 6_editedWM-1 Cupcake Walk 5_editedWM-1 Cupcake Walk 2_editedWM-1 Popcorn_editedWM-1 Face painting 6_editedWM-1 Cake Walk 6_editedWM-1 Cake Walk 4_editedWM-1 Art Gallery 2_editedWM-1 Art Gallery 1_editedWM-1 Fish Game 6_editedWM-1 Fish Game 5_editedWM-1 Fish Game 4_editedWM-1 Nerf Shoot_editedWM-1 Golf 2_editedWM-1 Golf 1_editedWM-1 Jelly Bean 1_editedWM-1 Speed Stacker 4_editedWM-1 Speed Stacker 2_editedWM-1 TH Cruiser 2_editedWM-1 TH Cruiser 1_editedWM-1 Obstacle Crse 6_editedWM-1 Obstacle Crse 3_editedWM-1 Obstacle Crse 1_editedWM-1 BBQ Pic_editedWM-1 Gyro Gym 6_editedWM-1 Gyro Gym 5_editedWM-1 Gyro Gym 4_editedWM-1 The Stocks 3_editedWM-1 The Stocks 2_editedWM-1 the Stocks 1_editedWM-1 Family Pic 1_editedWM-1 Bouncy Castle 1_editedWM-1 Gyro Gym 2_editedWM-1 Plant Sale_editedWM-1 Golf Ball Toss_editedWM-1 Toilet Paper Toss2_editedWM-1 Toilet Paper Toss1_editedWM-1 Penny Auction2_editedWM-1 Sale Browser7_editedWM-1 Sale Browser5_editedWM-1 Sale Browser4_editedWM-1 Toonie Toss_editedWM-1 Browsing Baskets_editedWM-1 Silent Auction Items_editedWM-1 Sale Browser3_editedWM-1 Penny Auction_editedWM-1 Zola Fortune Teller_editedWM-1 Sale browsers1_editedWM-1 White Elephant Table_editedWM-1 Me to We Jewelery_editedWM-1

Thanks for all the fun!  See you again next year!

(PS.  Concetta is looking to build her photographic portfolio!  If you are interested in family or individual photo sessions, she’d love to hear from you.  Please contact Concetta at c_minnella@hotmail.com)